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Drum Solo to Ra'nna Choreography

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Course Summary

In this 8-class series in Belly Dance, Cris! introduces a mixed-level beginner Drum Solo session.

Students will learn fast and sharp movements/steps while following music compositions with only drums, no melody instruments. We will also work with the basic concepts of body isolations (hips, shoulders, head and chest) and learn some Middle Eastern rhythms commonly used in drum solos.


  • One who has taken this class before and would like to review/relearn it.
  • One who's new to Drum Solo technique in belly dance.
  • One who's new to Middle Eastern rhythms.
  • One who enjoys a self-paced class.

This class is suitable for beginner students with no belly dance experience as well as for the ones with some dance experience.

The videos were created during live classes taught by Cris! on Zoom.

Come explore the enchanting world of Middle Eastern dance in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment while gaining a stronger core, toned muscles, active hips and rhythm!