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Intro to Veil

Membership - Glow Tier

Course Summary

Come flow, spin and fly with the most ethereal and magical prop in belly dance!

This beginner class will teach you:

  • how to hold and maneuver your veil 
  • basic and beautiful veil movements 
  • spotting and spinning techniques
  • basic body isolations concepts (hips, shoulders, head and chest)
  • muscular and core training
  • dance combinations to put all steps and veil movements together
You'll need a 3-yard rectangular veil (light fabric like chiffon or silk material).

For an example of veil work visit this YouTube video performance by Cris!

This beginner class welcomes new students as well as more intermediate/advanced beginners who would like to refresh their veil technique.

The class videos were created during live classes taught by Cris! on Zoom.

Come explore the enchanting world of Middle Eastern dance in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment while gaining a stronger core, toned muscles, active hips and rhythm!