Intermediate Belly Dance (Spring 24)

Let's fly higher this Spring!

4/17 - 5/29, 2024
6:15 pm

State Street Ballet Academy
2285 Las Positas Rd

Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Last chance to join! Registration closes Wednesday 5/1.

About this 7-class Session

The Wings Workshop in March was a major favorite and so I'm bringing the Wings of Isis theme back to our weekly Wednesday classes!

Using the Wings of Isis requires good posture, as well as graceful elegant lines and flow of movements. Students will learn how to develop and maintain a strong, elongated, arched silhouette in addition to the following:

  • Various Wings tricks and frames
  • Turn & Spotting technique
  • Travelling Steps & close attention to footwork
  • A dance combination to drill all of the above
You can sign up by choosing one of the available class packages below. No drop-ins available at this time. If you're a Sparkle member the videos will be available free of charge.

This class is suitable to anyone with some previous belly dance experience/training and interested in learning this beautiful prop, as well as students who need help improving their turn/spin skills. Contact Cris! if you have any questions before enrolling

Check out my YouTube channel for some Wings of Isis performance videos!

Where to shop for Wings & Dance Shoes

Please bring your own Isis Wings to the first day of class. If you don't own them yet, here are some suggestions to get them online: 

Note 1: Make sure to buy the regular/half circle wings and not butterfly shaped ones or LED.
Note 2: There won't be Isis Wings for loan in class. Each student must have their own.

Foot Thongs & Jazz Shoes

Dance shoes, ballet slippers or foot thongs might be helpful for turns in the class room and are, therefore, recommended. Here are some examples/recommendations as requested:

Note 3: Some are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from this page, BDL may earn a commission. Thank you!

Come explore the enchanting world of Middle Eastern dance in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment while gaining a stronger core, toned muscles, active hips and rhythm!

Registration Information

5-Class Plan: any 5 classes. Sparkle members get videos free of charge!
5-Class Plan Plus: any 5 classes plus videos. A great choice if you enjoy reviewing choreography through video and missed classes.

Registration closes Wednesday 5/1.

Class Plan (recommended): all 7 classes. Sparkle members get videos free of charge!
Class Plan Plus: all 7 classes plus videos. A great choice if you enjoy reviewing choreography through video.

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What Students are saying

"Thank you for being you!! What you bring to your dance students is so much more than dance. We get to release our expressions in dance, even the ones that hide sometimes. Our breath expands, even our nerves giggle! More length in our muscles and even lightness to our daily stride plus we get to imagine incorporating the dance moves you taught us into our life. There is nothing like a barrel turn to the oven, or some hip slides to the laundry!"

Jo Williams

BDL Student

"Iā€™m so grateful for the joy and grace of dance that you share with me and others! It's great to have a living example of how we can be both brainy AND beautiful at the same moment in time! I didn't really believe it could be done! I am enjoying the process SO much!"


BDL Student

"Cris!, I am so grateful to have met you while practicing for Solstice in 2010 with Vanessa and I was in awe of your kindness, beautiful grace and humble personality. I did not even know you were an exquisitely talented and extraordinary Middle Eastern belly dancer. I'm so happy to have a chance to learn from you now (...) Thank you for making me feel welcome in your class in BellyDance Land. I have so much to learn but you make it fun and carefree."

Vicki Ehlen

BDL Student